Astana Hub Infrastructure

Astana Hub has three pavilions: c3.5, c4.5, c4.6 with more than 22.000 sq.m.
The pavilions include workplaces in co-working areas, lecture halls, meeting rooms, classrooms,
event spaces and modern A-class offices for IT companies.

Services in Astana Hub's pavilions

Material pass

It is a pass for bringing in and taking out material assets: office equipment, furniture, etc. from Astana Hub's pavilions


Face ID

Apply for Face ID. Face ID is a system designed to recognize faces and provide access to the Astana Hub's pavilions


Hub Service Bot

Apply for the following services: cleaning, climate control, etc. Provide your feedback to improve Astana Hub's infrastructure


The material pass and Face ID are signed by the administration of the Fund on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:30. On weekends and holidays, material passes and Face ID are not signed. To bring in/take out material values and Face ID on weekends and holidays, you must issue a pass in advance.

Online booking of meeting rooms

Available in the pavilions
c3.5 and c4.6

There are 10 meeting rooms available for you.
Meeting rooms are designed for business meetings, conferences and calls.

  • Booking time should not exceed 3 hours per day

  • Rules for using meeting rooms available by the following link

  • Get Face ID via the link

    Access to pavilions is limited without Face ID

Hub Space program

Allows IT companies to locate in the pavilions of the Astana Hub and get:

  • Modern office with a convenient location

  • Workplace with 24/7 access

  • Business development opportunities

  • Access to resources of Astana Hub's partners

  • Access to events in the pavilions of Astana Hub

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