An online platform with an author's training course "Awareness of anti-terrorist security".

ARTSE Limited Liability Partnership has developed its own online distance learning system and an author's course "Awareness of Anti-terrorist Security".

In connection with the past events on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the most important prerequisite for the eradication of terrorism is the stabilization of the economic and political situation in the country, the strengthening of democratic principles in public and political life, as well as awareness of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan about anti-terrorist protection remains an important factor.

The main goal of the program is to raise awareness of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan in matters of anti-terrorist protection as well, to convey to everyone an understanding of the importance of strict compliance with security rules and responsibility for their violations.

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Digitalization of the trade union movement

Back in 2020, I was the initiator of an online solution for trade union organizations registered in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At that time, a viable project had already been created, but unfortunately we did not enter into final negotiations to determine the price and contractual obligations with the end users of the system.

Currently, I want to resume this initiative and enter the market with a ready-made project using the Astana Hub platform


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Внедрить в имеющийся сайт часть с новой созданной интерактивной картой локаций, в которой будут указаны популярные туристические локации Казахстана, пользователь сможет в сплывающем окне увидеть короткую информацию и перейти на страницу локации, также отметить на карте, что посетил эту локацию, снизу рейтинг среди пользователей (кто больше посетил мест).



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