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Good afternoon!

My name is Sanjar, I have been working in the blockchain crypto industry for more than 3 years, I worked for a hundred in the largest mining pool in CYU and Eastern Europe - , now I work in a large European crypto exchange also as a service station, our daily trading volume is 20-50 million dollars per day.

As far as I have heard, the task of Astana hub is to help novice startups, I would like to somehow help people develop the crypto industry with my knowledge and experience, not only technical, but also knowledge specific to this area, I have no task to earn or receive some kind of monetary profit)

If we talk about the initiative, I now see an acute problem in not knowing and not understanding how tokenomics works and how it can help a start-up business, I think that based on Astana Hub, you can make a good launchpad platform, with the ability to configure tokens and issue them directly on the platform, while helping entrepreneurs with easy onboarding, and explaining to users why it is beneficial, how it works and why it is safe.

I am interested in the development of the direction and accessibility for ordinary users) Especially now, when our country is very rapidly moving towards the legalization and recognition of cryptocurrencies.

If I can somehow cooperate with you in this aspect, I will be very glad,


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Hub Perks

Meta Universe of Kazakhstan is a new electronic platform for business

Imagine such a platform where you can do everything.

Buy and sell goods, hold conferences and events, arrange entertainment and much more. Imagine how many students will be able to communicate with each other, visit many interesting places and entertainment venues, and all this on our Kazakhstan platform.

In a few years, the entire electronic commerce of Kazakhstan will be involved in the metaverse.

I already have a team that is ready to start working. The idea is currently in the development plan and we are now actively looking for an investor who believes in this project as much as we do.

In the metaverse, the largest companies are already selling their goods and services to the largest brands and continue to invest billions of dollars, as this is the future.

My kamanda is ready to start working immediately after we find an investor.


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A platform for automating internal business processes and document flow

Hello! My name is Alisher, I am engaged in the automation of workflow and business processes. For more than 5 years of work in this field, I have accumulated a lot of cases and tried out two dozen different techniques that help to make the most effective analysis of the process.

We all know that digital technologies are developing at a high rate in our country. The proof of this is the state program "Digital Kazakhstan", the purpose of which is the progressive development of the digital ecosystem to achieve sustainable economic growth, increase the competitiveness of the economy and the nation, improve the quality of life of the population. First of all, we are talking about such important and relevant issues for the country as improving the efficiency and transparency of public administration, ensuring employment, improving the quality of education and healthcare, improving the investment climate, increasing labor productivity and increasing the share of small and medium-sized businesses in the GDP structure.

What was our surprise when, when analyzing BPM, ECM systems, it turned out that there was no domestic product competing with international products (ELMA, Bitrix24).

A couple of months ago, friends and I began to summarize the experience. We decided and started developing our own workflow and business process automation systems.


I would like to summarize our message. We know and have seen the main disadvantages of existing document management systems and the inconvenience of working by mail. We have outlined the criteria that, according to UX/UI experts, are the most important. And we have analyzed by a concrete example how necessary a document management system is for many organizations.

We will be glad to continue the discussion of the topic raised.

Give us our contacts.


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